Welcome to the website for the Drug Court Review!

Published annually, the Drug Court Review’s goal is to keep the Drug Court practitioner abreast of important new developments in the Drug Court field. Drug Courts (and other treatment courts) demand a great deal of time and energy of the practitioner, allowing little opportunity to read lengthy evaluations or keep up with important research in the field. Yet, the ability to marshal scientific and research information and “argue the facts” can be critical to a program’s success and ultimate survival.

The Drug Court Review builds a bridge between law, science, and clinical communities, providing a common tool to all. Scientific jargon and legalese are interpreted for the practitioner in common language. Although the Drug Court Review’s emphasis is on scholarship and scientific research, it also provides commentary from experts in the Drug Court and related fields on important issues to Drug Court practitioners. Each volume of the Drug Court Review features the results of research conducted by both scholars and practitioners.

The Drug Court Review invites submission of articles relevant to the Drug Court field. This would include but not be limited to drug testing, case management, cost analysis, program evaluation, legal issues, application of incentives and sanctions, and treatment methods.


Please email Dr. Sally MacKain, Editor, at dcrjournal@uncw.edu with all inquiries.